March on the Drina

„March on the Drina“ is a strategic area controled wargame which will take you back in time of World War I, a great struggle between World’s most powerfull nations. The game covers Balkans Peninsula Theater where one small country, The Kingdom of Serbia was invaded by three Empires, the German, the Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian.

 “March on the Drina” is also the name of one of Serbian most popular songs about heroic battle on the river Drina in western Serbia, when outnumbered Serbian army defeated great Austro-Hungarian forces. That epic battle echoed throughout all free countries of the World at the time, as a sign that freedom is priceless and that Serbs gladly laid their lives to defend it.

Downtown Chase

Downtown Chase is a hand management, card play conflict resolution, dice rolling, set collection, miniatures board game for 1-4 players, aged 14+ with playing time 45-90 minutes per game.

Players move around the city streets trying to acquire the right location and the right weapon to eliminate Johnny the Quick – the guy nobody in town likes!

Looks like a chase is about to start and it won’t be just any chase. It will be the Downtown Chase…

Freezing Inferno

Freezing Inferno is a medium level wargame covering one of the conflicts at the beginning of World War 2 between the USSR and Finland, also known as The Winter War (1939-1940). Game duration is 4-6 hours and it can be played by 1 or 2 players age 14+.

The Battle of Khalkin Gol

The Battle of Khalkhin Gol is a beginner’s level wargame covering the WW2 border clash between Japan and the USSR at the very dawn of this global conflict.

It is a hex & counter game with unique battle mechanism, a lot of strategy and a number of features specific to the harsh conditions of the setting.

Khalkhin Gol is medium level complexity, with variable setup and random cards bringing effects to the game which offers great replayability.

Game duration is 2-4 hours and it can be played by 1 or 2 players age 14+.


Check out our team

Founder of Princeps Games & Game Designer

Vukašin Nišavić

Forever in love with history and board games, Vukašin was always trying to combine those two. That effort gave result in 2019 with his first published board game: “The March on the Drina”. After that success, things just went their way and a team of young and passionate people was formed, prepared to give the World their best: awesome games!

Manager of Business & Product Development

Janko Nišavić

Of course, all those brilliant ideas Vukašin has would be just ideas if there were not for his younger brother Janko. Blessed with entrepreneurship spirit and sense for business, Janko manages negotiations, production and distribution of our games worldwide.

Graphic Designer &Game


Nenad Mirković

Our games look marvelous thanks to our genius designer. With his help, every problem is resolved quickly and as quietly as possible. Being genius he is, you can imagine how priceless his advices during our game testing are…

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